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Canopy Study II / Ochre

Hand printed limited edition of 8.
This piece is a reduction linocut - the block is carved and the first layer printed, then the same block is carved further and the second layer is printed.
Relief ink on 100% cotton paper with deckled edge. Each piece is individually inked and printed by hand, so expect variations in colour and texture. Certificate of authenticity included.

Unframed / $350

Size approx 30x30cm.
The artwork will be delivered in a cardboard tube.
Please allow 1 week for delivery.

Framed in solid teak / $520

Size approx 40x40cm.
The artwork is bespoke framed in solid teak with a float mount to highlight the deckled edge of the cotton paper.
Please allow 3 weeks for bespoke framing and delivery.
Only available in Singapore.