Lou Lauwerys

"I aspire to feel rooted in my environment. The patterns, textures and structures of nature set the scene for our daily lives here in Singapore.

I hope to capture that sense of home and belonging in my work. I study the details and channel the emotion into the slow craft of carving a block. It’s a meditative process, it takes time, it’s planned. And yet the moment of printing is one of discovery, joy, wonder and seeing something for the first time. Each linoprint has its own character and unique imperfections, just as we find in life and in nature. I hope my artworks inspire a grounding and tangible sense of place for all that enjoy them."


About Lou

Lou is an English printmaker. She has a BA in Graphic Design and worked in branding and design in London for over a decade. During this time, Lou studied printmaking at London art schools including Central St Martins, the Slade School of Art and Camberwell College of Arts. She fell in love with relief printmaking and the linocut process.

Lou currently lives in Singapore with her husband and daughters, a short walk from the famous Botanic Gardens and an endless source of inspiration. She makes linocut artworks full time.