I hope to create work that roots you in your surroundings – textural and imperfect, just as life is

Hello, I'm Lou, a British printmaker living in Singapore. My story of botanical blockprinting began in 2015 when my husband, daughters and I left behind our London terrace – with its small but abundant garden of hydrangeas, cherry blossom, pear trees, clematis, passion flower, wisteria, jasmine and raised beds of vegetables and herbs – to move to Qatar in the Middle East. I knew I didn’t have the green fingers to recreate my garden in the desert. So I started to create a garden in print instead – inspired by the flowers and plants that are special to me.
In 2019 we moved to Singapore and this little island has offered me endless inspiration and opportunity for creativity. I’m fascinated by the patterns you find in nature and as someone who lives in a country that is not my own, I am given the opportunity to look at my environment with fresh eyes. Scenes that are everyday to someone who grew up here are novel to me. They are a sign that I’m on a new adventure and a chance to ground myself in a new world. I hope my work allows others to feel that connection.
My background is in graphic design and I worked in London design agencies for over a decade. But printmaking has always been my passion, especially lino or blockprinting. This has a long history and many traditions, from Chinese woodblocks to Indian textiles. It is a process done completely by hand, slow but satisfying.

I continue to capture the palms, orchids, heliconias, gardens and forests of the tropics in print for you to bring into your home or to take away as a memento of a beautiful place. I love to hear about the plants and flowers that inspire other people too and am always open to commissions.